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Discussion: Mozart: Piano Concertos Vol. 8 - Christian Zacharias

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Post by Domimag March 2, 2012 (1 of 4)
Great ! That wonderful serie of Mozart's concertos is going on and nearly end ! it's a pity the two first volumes were in RBCD.
In this new volume, the concerto n° 25 was multichannel recorded in may 1999 and released as DVD-A in 2000. This record is here newly mixed for SACD.

n°5 => SACD vol.5
n°6 => SACD vol.7
n°7 =>
n°8 => SACD vol.5
n°9 => CD vol.2
n°10 =>
n°11 => CD vol.2
n°12 =>
n°13 => SADC vol.7
n°14 => SACD vol.6
n°15 => SACD vol.6
n°16 => SACD vol.7
n°17 => SACD vol.3
n°18 => SACD vol.3
n°19 => SACD vol.4
n°20 => SACD vol.4
n°21 => SACD vol.6
n°22 => CD vol.1
n°23 => SACD vol.5
n°24 => SACD vol.8
n°25 => SACD vol.8
n°26 =>
n°27 => CD vol.1

Hope they will record the n°7 for three pianos and n° 10 for two pianos.

Post by Claude March 2, 2012 (2 of 4)
Thanks for the list.

You can call me ignorant, but I have to put post-it stickers with the concerto numbers on my Zacharias Mozart discs, because they only indicate the KV reference.

Post by Domimag March 2, 2012 (3 of 4)
I had to do the same thing ;-) Germans often just give the KV number.

Post by Gussy March 2, 2012 (4 of 4)
I´m fortunte enough to have this disc already - lovely sound, lovely playing, don´t hesitate!