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  Chesky -
  Marta Gomez: Cantos de Agua Dulce
  "Cantos de Agua Dulce" (Songs of the Sweet Water)

Marta Gomez
Track listing:
  1. La Finca
2. Eso Pido Yo
3. Seis
4. Cancion De Cuna
5. Bolero
6. La Flor
7. Canta
8. Deceta
9. El Pueblo
10. Tonada De La Luna Llena
11. El Hermigueo
12. Confesion
13. Dejalo Ir
14. Aquellas Pequenas Cosas
Recording type:
Recording info:

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Reviews: 2

Review by Jay-dub June 7, 2007 (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
This is really nice. Marta Gomez (Singer/songwriter) and her band Julio Santillan (Acoustic guitar), Franco Pinna (Drums), Fernando Huergo (electric bass), and Alejandra Ortiz (backing vocals) are graduates of the Berklee College of Music. She describes her music as South American Jazz with Pop influences, but this is slightly misleading: none of the songs have a swing beat or blues form, or the chromatic, quartal and ninth-chord based harmonies that give you a recognized jazz feel. All of the songs are in latin rhythms, some of them quite unusual, and are played with great elegance. Marta's voice is light and playful, very rhythmic and very expressive.

I bought this hybrid before I got my SACD player. The RBCD master is so good sounding that I did not imagine it would be improved in SACD stereo, but there was a huge difference. The CD made me want to listen carefully, the SACD made me want to dance. I get the illusion from the SACD of a live feed; the percussion and bass have a visceral effect. At a conscious level, I don't think I could tell you what the difference is.

I haven't heard the MCH mix. If I understand correctly, the recording was made with two microphones and the MCH was generated by some sound processing.

The booklet does not print the Spanish lyrics, only English summaries of the songs.

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Review by Barb January 6, 2008 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
M. Gomez vcl, J. Santillan g & vcl, F. Pinna ds & per, F. Huergo eb, A. Ortiz vcl & per, E. Harlan accordion, F. Brandao ft, Chesky 2004.
“With her velvety voice and Jazz infused arrangements, Marta Gomez takes South American indigenous folk music into a hip new realm …” is written on the cover and there`s not much more left to say. She does that on fourteen tracks that were almost all written by herself. She sings with deep emotion, wit or Latin passion and fire. If you like contemporary South American folk music (without any Peru flute), this is a recommandation.
The sound is perfect, rich of colour, very good soundstage and imaging, air for the instruments and the singer to breath, very dynamic, brilliant.

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