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  Turtle Records -
  Harpsichord Clavecin - Anne Galowich/Jos van Immerseel
  C.P.E. Bach: Suite in E minor W.62/12 (H.66), Hugo Distler: Variationen "Ei du feiner Reiter" Op. 14, J.S. Bach: Concerto for Two Harpsichords BWV 1061a

Anne Galowich (harpsichord)
Anima Eterna
Jos van Immerseel (harpsichord, conductor)
Track listing:
  Classical - Chamber
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Recorded on October 27-30, 2004 in Concertgebouw Brugge and ‘De Singel’ , Internationaal Kunstcentrum, Antwerp
Producer & editing: Bert van der Wolf
Balance engineers: Bert van der Wolf & Fir Suidema
Mastering: The Turtle Records Team
Executive Producer: Martin Odijk

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Review by miguelito54 March 31, 2007 (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
This SACD can be listened to as a sounding carte de visite of harpsichordist Anne Galowich from Luxembourg. A solo suite of a Bach son, followed by an early 2oth century piece with strings and a Bach père concert for two harpsichords - a mixed bag, but the content is more than tasty.
The program opens with a Suite for solo harpsichord by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. I never haerd the French influence in this composer's work so clearly - or the clear contrapuntal lineout his father successfully transmitted to him. Only by the Minuets the typical "Sturm & Drang" personal phrases start creeping in. Ms. Galowich presents this fascinating music on a copy of a Mietke instrument - these are to earlier harpsichord types what Arp Schnitger organs are to older models with lead pipes: a very transparent and crisp sound lending itself perfectly to dense polyphonic textures. The movements more French in style would perhaps sound more charming on a Flemish or 18th century French instrument, but hearing this on a keyboard so much associated with J.S. Bach is an excitingly new listening perspective. Her interpretation is clear and lively, displaying considerable technical facility without showing off and makes this writer wish for a whole disc of C.P.E. Bach pieces.
Next comes the central movement of a Hugo Distler concerto based on a Samuel Scheidt piece. How beautiful the string parts sound when performed on gut strings with minimal vibrato! The Anima Eterna Orchestra under the direction of its founder, Jos van Immerseel is a perfect and sensitive partner for the harpsichordist, the interplay is perfect. The liner notes do not indicate whether the harpsichord was re-tuned to modern temperament: Not being a keyboard player I find it hard to say if this or Distler's chromatic writing are the reason the harpsichord does not sound quite as fine in that context. It could be my ears are too much atuned to historic keyboard tunings ... A great rhythmically engaging piece.
The closing performance of the original version of J.S. Bach's BWV 1061a concerto is among the best available - without a doubt it is the best sounding! Again, this makes one wish for a whole disc of Galowich-Immerseel duo pieces. The fantastically clear sound and the use of two Mietke copies makes it audible why the string parts Bach added later (according to recent research he likely wrote them himself, not a student or son as the booklet notes say) are so sparse: The keyboard writing is complex and dense. A masterful composition masterfully rendered.
The sound is impeccable, extremely clear and direct but still warm and engaging. The short playing time under 50 minutes is my only complaint about this perfect disc. It has a cry for more written all over it!
(One sidenote: My system is only two-channel, but this sounds just as great when I select the multi-channel mode and play back only the two front channels.)
By the way: Ordering from the label directly is possible, service is fast and the price is considerably lower than elsewhere.

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Review by canonical May 18, 2009 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
THIS really IS A GEM ... and gems are rare, and especially delightful when they are unexpected.

I came across this by pure chance entirely because it is on SACD ...To me, that is part of the fun of SACD - searching for new things, which I would probably have never found nor tried had it just been a normal CD release. It also why, I think, so many top quality boutique labels like Turtle Records are drawn to the format.

I just received this SACD a few days ago, and was about to write a review ... I completely agree with the other reviewers here, so I shall keep this very short.

The J.S. Bach 2-harpsichord concerto is fabulous, the performance is crisp and brilliant, and the sonics really are wonderful.
The Hugo Distler composition is neo-Baroque-ish with modern twists -- intriguing, interesting and enormous fun.

This is by far the best harpsichord CD or SACD I have encountered. The instruments sound magnificent. The performances are top notch. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Works: 3  

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - Keyboard Sonata in E minor, H66 Wq 62 No. 12
Johann Sebastian Bach - Concerto for 2 Harpsichords in C major, BWV 1061
Hugo Distler - Variationen "Ei du feiner Reiter", Op. 14