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  Membran -
  Nyman: Piano Concerto etc. - RPO/Carney
  Michael Nyman: The Piano Concerto, On the Fiddle, Prospero's Books

Peter Lawson (piano)
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Jonathan Carney (conductor)
Track listing:
  Classical - Orchestral
Recording type:
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Reviews: 1

Review by raffells March 20, 2006 (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
Well I am perhaps the last person who should be reviewing this much overated composer? as I had already tried the other Nyman Piano disc and found it pretty uninteresting,so having heard a snatch or two of other music on the disc I thought I would try again.Zzzzzzzzzzz bigger mistake than first time.Old fools statement comes to mind but it was very cheap.Sonically this disc could be described as soft grained.Hardly any bite to any instrumental sound but I think this comes from the over repetititititive music where very very subtle variations proceed at a snails pace occasionally coming to either a complete stop or a suprise ending.This on music which is very thin to start off with.Now, Ive covered all the good points...Perhaps if someone starts a discussion from this review I will contribute more details assuming I can stay awake and nobody tries to tell me this is great music.At its best there are some really nice quietish tunes (2)and I find this the most approachable but as a John Adams/Steve Reich copier It is weak. Im not totally convinced that the orchestra or conducter are totally at home in this music.For once the membran cover is absolutly in keeping with the music..The gaps between works could have been longer for me but you cannot get three days onto an sacd which would have suited me..Others may disagree with this review but will exceed Zeus guidelines.I had even considered entering this disc up in a competition Beagle style for the worst most boring Limmerick/ This is the last Membran Ill buy. I guess you can understand why.OUR composer Im delighted ,Who gets over excited.! Could do better than this My oh My.Pass me the tablets...(Moses impression)D.
Do I really have to give it stars?...left as not rated.

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Works: 3  

Michael Nyman - On the Fiddle
Michael Nyman - Prospero's Books
Michael Nyman - The Piano Concerto