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  San Francisco Symphony -
  Mahler: Das Klagende Lied - San Francisco/Michael Tilson Thomas
  Mahler: Das Klagende Lied

Marina Shaguch (soprano)
Michelle DeYoung (mezzo soprano)
Thomas Moser (tenor)
Sergei Leiferkus (baritone)
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Michael Tilson Thomas (conductor)
Track listing:
  Classical - Vocal
Recording type:
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Review by raffells January 7, 2008 (6 of 10 found this review helpful)
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Well I feel obliged and privelidged to review this excellent addition to the Mahler sacd listings.Its been a favourite work of mine since first hearing it many years ago.
So apologies for detailed information as lots of people will be unfamiliar with this very early but fully fledged 18 year old Mahler work.
The (Fairytale)-storyline in three parts is detailed in the thick booklet.The queen offering to marry the first Knight who brings her a certain red flower of the forest.
Two brothers go searching,the younger handsome one finds it and is killed in his sleep by the elder.Who then claims his prize.
The 2nd part, A wandering minstrel finds the bones in the forest and fashions a flute.When played it relays the story of the events in the forest, so he goes off to tell the queen.
The 3 rd part tells of what happens at the wedding feast when the flute is played.I will leave you tofind out by either buying the disc or reading up
This is full scale Orchestral solo vocal and Choral writing and only the exact translation of the title is a weakness.The music perfectly matches the storyline in beauty saddness and drama.
It has often been said that Mahler never improved his orchestral writing from symphony one to nine(10) This is obviously an understatement but going back another 15 years earlier justs extends that discussion timewise a bit further.It is easy to see why the whole score took many years to be performed in its entirety ,especially when you consider how long it took or his symphonies to get airplay.
This work in time IMO will rank along side the symphonies and hopefully out do "Das Lied.."
To me its a must for every Mahler fan and this version is as good as you could wish for both in recording and playing.Normal CD case and oversized box/booklet.

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Gustav Mahler - Das klagende Lied