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  5196832 (PAL), 5196872 (NTSC) (13 discs)
  Genesis 1970-1975
  "Genesis 1970-1975"

Track listing:
Nursery Cryme
Selling England By The Pound
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Recording type:
Recording info:
  7 x SA-CD + 6 x DVD

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Review by chromal February 9, 2009 (15 of 16 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Imported from the UK as I live in the USA where I understand the box set bizarrely omits the SACD remasters. UK edition DVD content seemed to play without region-code objection. Could these be region-free discs? They're really well worth checking out because of the video interview content with the band members; I've learned a lot.

Anyway, the SACD remasters. At this point, I've listened to most of the seven included SACDs at least twice, so I likely have a lot left to discover, but have been listening to the 'definitive CD remastered' editions for years now...

As a CD album, Trespass never really took off for me. Although there are some terrific early songs, the album listening experience was marred by the many layers losing coherence. (This is a problem with any of the CD editions of albums featured in this set, but particularly the earlier Trespass through Foxtrot albums.)

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I loaded Trespass; the previous CD mixdown just didn't cast the vocals or instrumentals in a flattering light... I always had assumed as a young band, Genesis simply didn't have access to good recording production. Fortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case at all; the fidelity of the eight-channel studio multitracks is remarkable and no song goes untransformed. "Looking for Someone" takes on a soulful intensity that never quite shone through before, "White Mountain" also shines anew. The vocal backings in "Visions of Angels" are reilluminated, as is all the rest of the album, really. Finally, and this is true of all the SACD remasters, the channelized bass finally has the room it needs to breath, and the fifth member's contributions shine as much at the bottom end as the rest in the hi-frequency ranges. Although this lineup lacks Steve Hackett and Phil Collins, Anthony Phillips and John Mayhew should look back with pride over what they and Genesis accomplished, revealed in true form for its first time on SACD.

Musically, things move to a new level with Nursery Cryme and Foxtrox. Sonically, both are similar and somewhat distinct from Trespass. They share the same level of dramatic improvement as Trespass in the jump to SACD; the clarity and definition of the instruments has been elevated from wall of sound to soundscape by the fidelity of the format. Genesis is doing so much, and in such a wide dynamic range, and again, these albums have been allowed to unfold and spread their wings.

As the box set proceeds on through time, more 'radio hit' type songs come up, like "Harold the Barrel" or "I Know What I Like" from Selling England benefit no less from the fidelity jumps, although they sounded OK on CD, there's no comparing the presence of the two.

Lamb Lies Down on Broadway does no less excellently, sonically, say what you will about the album's overall songwriting consistency, its highlights more than make up for its weakest moments, and the SACD remaster treatment takes it, too, to a new level.

Overall, listening to the Genesis remasters has me wondering what other rock master tapes could, and should be unearthed and treated similarly. SACD Led Zepplin IV, anyone?

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Review by BigTony November 13, 2008 (13 of 14 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
Well its been a long wait, but finally the best stuff has made it onto my doormat and into my SACD player. I've only listened to the 5.1 channel version, but based upon the careful use of the surround mix assume the 2ch will also sound superb.

I listened to the original CD's last week, so I'd still have that sound in my memory prior to these turning up, and I can say I'm totally totally 'amped' by the sound. There is less of the 5.1 in the mix than on the 76-80 set, much more subtle, but the killer aspects of the SACD is PG vocals are now liberated, no longer muddy and hidden, you can hear the lyrics! And the soundstage for theinstruments is so improved, especially the bass, yocan actually hear whats ing on, rather than the old muddy CD version.

But the one fact everyone wnats to know .. No there is no sign of the 'over brightness' of the 76-80 sets, none of the slightly earpiercing highs that just get tiresome after 30 mins of so. What we have here is a beautiful sound, recreating the feel of the band, without going ott. There are just so much better dynamics, soundstage, instrument resolution, its worth buying a SACD player just to hear this music in its full glory.

The boxset is evidence of what can be done with the will of the production team, to recreate an audio masterpiece. Its a shame that many releases were just about coining in cash, rather than utilising the format.

Even if you were not a Genesis fan you should buy this :-) Everyone should hear the masters of progrock in there finest hours, going from album to album you can hear the music of the band evolving, exploring. This is a definitive masterpiece. Now buy it, or tell santa you've been a good girl/boy and this is what you deserve for xmass.

My system : Oppo 980h, DSD to Onkyo 805, Ruark Prologue One floorspeakers, subwoofer, center and MS bi-polar rears. PS send your family out to the pictures and turn it up!

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Review by Kikke November 14, 2008 (8 of 9 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:    
I actually wanted to write a story similar to the one 'Big Tony' did. All he states is so very, very true. I own Selling England on cd as well as on vinyl. This sacd version out performs them both by the same difference as the light from the moon and the sun where the latter represents the sacd sound. Indeed no harshness and overly brightness that is, unfortunately, so characteristic for the former releases.
I now understand why it took so long. If they re release the others in this quality I’d buy them all over again.
The surround mix is done perfectly. What a shame that this format is nearly dead for as far as non classical music is concerned. This release clearly shows that it took till now for the format to blossom.
The voice is mixed much better than in the Phil Collins versions. Instead of mixing the voice primarily on the center channel it’s now on the left and right as well putting it at the ‘height’ where it belongs. Where you can pin point the location of the center speaker in de earlier versions because of the voice the music now floats’ naturally coming from the space instead of the speakers.
This sacd is among the best ones ever released. It makes it worth investing in a full blown top quality surround set.

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