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  Universal (Japan) -
  The Who: The Singles
  "The Singles"

The Who
Track listing:
  Single Layer
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Previously released as UIGY-9067

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Reviews: 3

Review by BlueBogart January 29, 2012 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
After reading other reviews of this disc, I bought this because I am a huge Who fan. With great anticipation I couldn't wait to play it the day it arrive from Japan. The results are a mixed bag. Some of the titles sounded good-- but not great. Others, sounded very harsh -- especially "I Can See For Miles". Better hope you have good tweeters for that one because the noise that came from that track will test them and not in a good way. There was nothing extraordinary about this disc at all, except for the number of tracks --26, the original CD only has 16.

My advice is to stay away from this one. If you want a great sounding SACD, get the Who's Next disc from the same series. That one is awesome! This one, not even close.

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Review by analogue September 22, 2011 (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is a compilation of many Who singles and although not all the tracks are worth the listen....enough great music is here to ok the purchase. Also...there is alot of music on this disc and thats always a good thing. This is NOT a greatest hits package.....rather a SINGLES package. So there might be a stinker or two on this disc. And although this has some of their greatest is nowhere near complete.

All tracks save one are culled from some form of master tape. There are also 4 different mastering techs as well. And one of the mastering techs is a Japanese fellow and I for one am happy about this.

This disc contains 26 tracks.
The first 11 are all mono while tracks from 12 to 26 are all stereo. As to be expected most of the stereo tracks sound better than the earlier mono.....but there are some surprises and exceptions to be found.
My Generation and I Cant explain sound better here than the original sacd released 7 years ago. This is because a real tape source was used rather than a 24/96 pcm transfer from tape. The additional information is important. These tracks sound excellent.

Other earlier Who tracks are decent sounding but not revelatory or shocking. Happy Jack is so so. I can see for miles was a real let down for me as it was mono and not stereo. There is a flatness to the sound that I dont like at all. The tremendous energy is gone. Very boring.
And I do like mono usually.
Surprisingly Magic Bus is also mono.......... and another let down for me. Stereo sounds so much better.....kinetic in this case.

But before you get discouraged............There are some terrific standouts on this disc.

Pinball wizard is magnificent. Shocking actually.
Far better than the version from the Tommy sacd.....which I love. Again....this newer version is from a tape source while the Tommy version was from the original masters but done in 24/96 pcm. This version of Pinball Wizard is a real killer. No compression.....very airy and powerful and rich. Great vocals and dynamic range. I was floored. Certainly one of the best sounding tracks on this disc.

The Seeker is another gem.....a song I ve always liked. All aspects are nicely realized. Another keeper.

Although Wont get fooled again sounds awesome here it is the butchered single version which I havent heard since the vinyl days..and which is unlistenable to me. It is simply to jarring an effect for me. To bad.

Who are you is also impressive. Great powerful vocals and Moons last great drumming before his untimely death. A great sounding track. Nice dynamic range.

Relay...You better you bet....long live rock.....all very good.

I dont want to go on and on. If you love the Who like I do you know the drill.

I cannot in good conscious give this disc 5 stars due to the different recording techniques used......due to SOME of the mono tracks which sound better in stereo.....and mostly to the many different tape sources used....but there are some real gems to be found and heard.......and they make the difference. The impressive tracks are really amazing while the other songs are at least decent to good sounding. Most of the stereo stuff is terrific and several of the mono songs are as well.

A great band....and a good compilation of music. Good sound to be compression or harshness. Good mastering by all involved and that includes you too mr. Astley.


Waiting for Tommy and Quadrophenia on Shm-Sacd.

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Review by hefty.2007 February 5, 2015 (0 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is a review on the newest SHM SACD
Release date: 26.11.2014
*** SHM - Super High Material
Listening to this single compilation there is no doubt it is the best audiophile version you can get of this songs.
It includes recording from 1964 until 1982
Here is the complete tracklist
1 I Can`t Explain - Original Mono Version (2:08)
2 Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - Original Mono Version (2:40)
3 My Generation - Original Mono Version (3:17)
4 Substitute - Original Mono Version (3:48)
5 I`m A Boy - Original Mono Version (2:40)
6 Happy Jack - Original Mono Version (2:10)
7 Pictures Of Lily - Alternate Mono Version from "Direct Hits" (2:44)
8 The Last Time - Original Mono Version (2:53)
9 I Can See For Miles - Original Mono Single Version (4:03)
10 Dogs - Original Mono Version (3:05)
11 Magic Bus - Alternate Mono Version from "The Singles"-LP (4:34)
12 Pinball Wizard - Original Version (3:02)
13 The Seeker - Original Version (3:12)
14 Summertime Blues - Original Live Version (3:22)
15 See Me, Feel Me - Single Edit (3:23)
16 Won`t Get Fooled Again - Single Edit (3:38)
17 Let`s See Action - Original Version (3:57)
18 Join Together - Original Version (4:23)
19 Relay - Original Version (3:54)
20 5:15 - Remixed Version (4:52)
21 Squeeze Box - Original Version (2:41)
22 Who Are You - Single Edit (5:08)
23 Long Live Rock - Previously unreleased Mix (3:55)
24 You Better You Bet - Original Full-Length Version (5:36)
25 Don`t Let Go The Coat - Original Version (3:43)
26 Athena - Original Version (3:49)
Tracks 12 - 26 Stereo

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