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  Telarc -
  The Film Music of Jerry Goldsmith
  "The Film Music of Jerry Goldsmith"

London Symphony Orchestra
Jerry Goldsmith (conductor)
Track listing:
  1. "Star Trek" - The Motion Picture
2. Motion Picture Medley: "The Sand Pebbles", "Chinatown", "Air Force One", "A Patch of Blue", "Poltergeist", "Papillon", "Basic Instinct", "The Wind and the Lion"
3. Theme from "The Russia House"
4. "The Boys from Brazil"
5. Theme from "Sleeping with the Enemy"
6. Medley of Television Themes: "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.", "Doctor Kildare", "Room 222", "Voyager", "The Waltons", "Barnaby Jones"
7. Theme from "Rudy"
8. "Twilight Zone" - The Motion Picture
9. The Love Theme from "Forever Young"
10. The Generals: "MacArthur", "Patton"
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Recording info:

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Review by jeffreybehr August 28, 2006 (4 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:  
THIS is the way movie music--and big-orchestra multichannel recordings, too--is supposed to sound! The music is BIG, the conducting is superbly ACTIVE, the hall plenty spacious sounding.

Goldsmith is really on the mark in these pieces. I threw away another collections CD of Goldsmith conducting Goldsmith after hearing this one. The hall sounds as if it's about 50 meters deep and twice as wide, and the five mics capture everything I need to hear. As is usual with the London orchestras, the bass drum is huge and pitched about a half-octave lower than those used by American orchestras; I love its sound, especially the texture of the bass rolling thru the hall. Philips' Polyhymnia (sp?) recorded it for Telarc, as they did the string-suites Telarc disc by the Rotterdam Chamber Orchestra (#SACD-60623). All that bass energy is in the 5 channels; the LFE channel is not used.

The orchestral playing is uniformly excellent; this is the LSO at its best. I often find its violins a little thin sounding, but they're not thin here.

My favorite selections are the first and the last--a suite from 'Star Trek' opens the disc, and 'The Generals', an arrangement of music from 'Patton' and MacArthur', closes it. Also excellent is several minutes of music from 'Air Force One' included in 'Motion Picture Medley'. Of course, being Goldsmith's best, ALL of it is excellent. If ever you want a demonstration of just how flat and small sounding the music recorded FOR movies is, listen to the music in the movie 'Air force One'--it's dismal compared with the sound of this Telarc release. I love this one so much I bought another copy.

In the music itself, in the conducting and orchestral playing, and in spaciousness and naturalness of the multichannel sound, this disc is the best I've heard.

RIP, Mr. Goldsmith; we'll miss you.

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Review by csuzor March 3, 2005 (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is a fantastic recording, powerful, excellent use of 5 channels. If anyone isn't convinced of the benefits of surround sound music yet, let them listen to this.
Mixed by the master himself, this is a great tribute to Goldsmith's contribution to cinema.
Highly recommended.

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Review by lenw June 15, 2004 (3 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
“Bass extension, dynamics and control were spectacular at one end, while air and ambience on top added an enveloping cushion to what was about the most satisfying musical experience I’ve had in my home theater system.” -- Stereophile Guide to Home Theater

I listen to this SACD in stereo only. It provides a wide and deep soundstage. The music material is based on movie soundtracks and is beautifully presented.

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