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Discussion: Bach: St. Matthew Passion - The Netherlands Bach Society
November 25, 2011
Mozart duos K. 423 and 424 were recorded by Vera Beths and Jurgen Kussmal on period instruments as fillers for a disc of Grand Sessetto concertante (arr. of K. 364). ... more
Discussion: Mozart: Piano Concertos Vol. 2 - Brautigam, Willens
November 5, 2011
Based on my very positive impression of the previous (9/12) recording from these musicians I purchased this new recording with confidence and must report that it is just as successful musically if acoustically a bit different (it is a different venue after all used for this recording). What I didn't realise until recently is a possible link between ... more
Discussion: Mozart: Piano Concertos Vol. 1 - Brautigam, Willens
April 6, 2011
Thanks for supplying the background information that explains this change. Obviously I wasn't around to cast my vote when the poll took place, but I would not have voted against the majority choice anyway. ... more
Discussion: Mozart: Piano Concertos Vol. 1 - Brautigam, Willens
April 5, 2011
Just heard the disc - both the recorded balance and the interpretation sound new i.e. unlike many of the Jeunehomme or Jenamy's I have heard before, on and off period instruments and fortepianos. A release worthy getting if one wants to (re)discover this music. ps. I was surprised that BIS has now shifted to regular jewel cases for their SACD ... more
Yet another RBCD flavour: Blu-spec CD
July 13, 2009
No mention so far of Nippon Columbia's HQCD (Hi Quality CD) which was launched at around the same time as the Sony blu-spec and which strikes me as being in the same category as the Sony patent. Like blu-spec, HQCD also has its own dedicated website, but unlike the Sony creation, HQCD was never hyped outside of Japan, and therefore little ... more