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Mel Torme: Velvet & Brass      (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
  March 7, 2006

I think this is one of the better multi-channel recordings I have. The sound is rich, smooth and clear without being bright. The Orchestra (Really a Big Band:) has been given a vast soundstage with instruments coming from varying angles and sound levels. On the softer ballads the piano is pushed ... more
Keb’ Mo’: The Door      (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  March 1, 2006

This was my first Keb Mo (Kevin Moore) CD and the start of a seriuos search for more of his music. This was also my first really good sounding SACD and even tricked my CD recorder to record this disc(It's a single layer SACD) so I could listen to it in my car. From the very first note or count you ... more
Gene Harris Quartet: Listen Here!        (4 of 5 found this review helpful)
  February 24, 2006

This is Jazz the way I like it. This is Music the way I like. Passionate, Melodic, Slow, Fast, Melancholy...well you get. This SACD has a little of everything and will put you in a deep trance. Even the upbeat tunes will have you tapping your feet, while keeping you suspended in a sonic timewarp. ... more
Super Artists on Super Audio          (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
  February 21, 2006

I agree that the mix of music here is diverse and I love it; I always thought that's what sample meant. A taste of what you have to offer and in that respect this ablum excels. From the opening selection it is a showcase of what the Channel Classic guys can do. This is sonic Heaven on a disc. The ... more
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme      (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
  February 21, 2006

I resisted purchasing this album because I really did not think I liked John Coltrane. Boy did I get this one wrong. I had always thought of Coltrane as being a little too aggressive , overwhelming....uncontrolled. Well you know the other saying about first impressions. This is a very spiritual CD ... more

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The future of SACD in 2006
March 2, 2006
I think we all realize what a small group we are and suggest trying not to get too worked up because as a young lady said to me at FRY"S ( large SACD selection @Gwinnett Place)....maybe SACD is on the way to wherever Lasordiscs went....we are such a small percentage of the business and the music we love makes up such a small percentage of the ... more