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The problem with this site
July 27, 2004
Everytime I visit I find a few more SACD's that I simply MUST HAVE! I can not be the only one who has this problem, am I? I feel so weak, like a drug junky looking for there fix. ... more
Discussion: Boulez Conducts Ravel
July 18, 2004
Sorry I should have been more detailed with my first post. My system is strictly stereo(here's a link to it, across the board the MoFi is more accurate to the original performance to me. ... more
Discussion: Boulez Conducts Ravel
July 17, 2004
I have both and greatly prefer the performance and sonics of the MoFi- fwiw. ... more
Neeme Järviís first SACD (with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra).
May 9, 2004
Thanks for the update, I am a fan of the Gothenburg SO with Neeme Yärvi they have an amazing sound that very few orchestra's can match. They also have done some less common pieces that I love. I hope they continue to release more of there work! ... more
Discussion: Roxy Music: Avalon
April 11, 2004
My system is strictly stereo and this disc sounds fantastic! When folks tell me "only discs recorded in DSD sound good" I put this disc in and tell them it was recorded in 1982. Don't hesitate getting this one, I had never heard of Roxy music prior to this SACD(give me a break I was born in 1981) not only are the sonics incredible but the music is ... more