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Discussion: Guerre & Paix/War & Peace: 1614-1714 - Savall
October 6, 2015
My copy has a short loud noise on multichannel track 17 of CD1 and a similar noise on the 2 channel SACD track 22 of CD2. These are CD defects rather recording artifacts. Anyone else get a copy with similar defects? ... more
Amused To Death on SACD
January 14, 2013
Great news! Thank you for posting this. ... more
Signature Collection - SACDs from EMI
April 29, 2012
I insert the discs in round bottom CD sleeves. They protrude from the jacket a couple of millimeters but are easy to pull from the pocket. ... more
Discussion: Mozart: Piano Concertos Vol. 2 - Brautigam, Willens
August 1, 2011
At least from a representational standpoint. The program notes for the 9th and 12th concertos state that the cover photos for this series of albums will chronicle the building of a piano. ... more
A Challenge for the redoubtable Kal Rubinson
May 24, 2011
Do you mean the new 804 Diamond? The 804 model from the previous incarnation of the 800 series was named the 804S, which had an aluminum tweeter. ... more