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  David Paris
  Portland, OR
  Exemplar modified Denon 2900 SACD player, Musical Fidelity A3CR amplifier, VTL 5.5 Preamp, Stealth Pure Gold Signal interconnects, Stealth Triple Ribbon speaker cable, Audio Physic Tempo III loudspeakers, REL Strata III sub.

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Mozart: Piano Sonatas - Andreas Staier        (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
  December 11, 2003

To my knowledge, this is currently the only fortepiano performance available on SACD. It would be nice if we could get the complete Mozart piano Sonatas on SACD, or better yet some of the Mozart or Beethoven piano concertos, performed on original instruments, on SACD, but for now this will do. ... more

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Who is the "great violinist of our time?
December 12, 2005
I'm amazed no one has even mentioned the names of the two people I would put on the top of this list, especially since they've been doing it for over 20 years: Reinhard Goebel and Monica Huggett. For a while I used to put Andrew Manze up here as well, but he just isn't as consistent as these two. I love Manze... though he is probably my third ... more
New Labels and Users pages
December 5, 2003
Can you make a "Show All" link on the labels page? The new format's fine, but I would like to see them all at once as well... sometimes I just feel like browsing through labels. The way it is now it would require 52 additional clicks (1 forward, 1 back for each letter)! :-) David ... more
Wish List
December 4, 2003
Speaking of wish lists, wouldn't it be cool if we could publish our wish list too? That way we could point friends and family to an URL so that we're sure they buy the SACD versions of the discs we want! David ... more
New Stevie Ray Vaughan Multi-channel SACD?
November 7, 2003
I was doing a search for the Couldn't Stand the Weather SACD that was released years ago when I happened upon this link at It even has a picture of a Multi-channel SACD of Couldn't Stand The Weather. It says the release date is December 2003. It's also on ... more