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Best SACD piano recordings
July 18, 2015
Piano is not "monaural". It is acoustic instrument that produces sound within space. Direct sound from piano strings and soundboard is small part of this, most of the sound you here from recordings is resonating from the recording space. Main source of direct sound is soundboard, and sound from that is reflected forward by the lid (mainly treble). ... more
Best SACD piano recordings
July 8, 2015
My few SACD-favourites (among 3000 piano recordings): Volodos/Sony Sudbin/BIS Lazic/Channel Classics Hewitt/Hyperion Rubinstein/Living Stereo ... more
jpc Promo 20% Off All Items Except Hardware and Downloads
December 11, 2014
jpc prices are pretty steep to begin with (here in eu). I used the offer however... ... more
Grimm audio company comes out of the DSD closet
December 10, 2014
I have found out that dacs are extremely sensitive to power supply design. All good ones I've tried came with pretty massive implementation. If there is better power supplies available for e28, that's good. My point was that in e28 price level you expect a ps thats pretty high level from the beginning. I'm not claiming that switch mode power ... more
Grimm audio company comes out of the DSD closet
December 9, 2014
Oh dear. Well, if it sounds good. Wallwarts are perfectly ok in 300 USD dac, but in 3000 USD dac most of us expect little bit more. ... more