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  Jon Firor
  Vancouver, Canada
  Denon 5900 Universal Disc player
Bryston SP1.7 pre-processor

JMLABS Electra 946s biamped via Bryston 10STD with 4 channels of Bryston 9BSST
JMLABS Electra 901 center channel via 1 channel Bryston 9BSST
KEF TDS34 surrounds driver by Threshold S/300
Velodyne SGS-18 subwoofer

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  January 26, 2004

The music is fantastic and what a lineup of musicians. First rate performance musically, unfortunately the sound is extremely poor and all over the board in quality with none of it being close to what is achievable. It's not that old so I don't understand whether it's a bad mastering or poor source ... more
Macy Gray: The Trouble with Being Myself      (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  January 26, 2004

This is one of my favorites. I bought this after seeing MG on tour with Bowie. The performance is purely studio but is indeed a pleasant surprise. There are layers upon layers upon layers of sound and detail. I have a high end 5.1 system (and it took a lot of convincing to get me to 5.1) and am ... more

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