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Horowitz: Historic Return to Carnegie Hall: 4 Hybrid Stereo SACD Boxset
November 30, 2015
All I can think of hearing about this concert is the PDQ Bach "Hysteric Return." Semi-seriously though, I wonder how it will sound. ... more
November 24, 2015
Luukas, you're confusing 8-track consumer cartridges with 8-track master tapes. Note that "master tape" never appears in the article you linked to. 8-track cartridges were a format popular in the 60s and 70s before the audiocassette became popular. I remember having one in an old car we fondly called "the boat." 8-track cartridges used the 8 ... more
November 23, 2015
4 track doesn't mean quad, necessarily, and 8 track doesn't mean that a 7.1 master was prepared. It just means that the recording was mixed from 4 or 8 recorded tracks. Now, obviously, the MTT/Boston recording was also prepared for quad, but all the Weber recording being done in 8 channels means is that DGG could, in theory, go back and make a 5.1 ... more
Discussion: Holst: The Planets - Ozawa
November 18, 2015
Are you sure you don't mean [t=9535] ? I'm not so interested in most SHM-SACDs. While nice, I don't think the upgrade over RBCD is necessarily revelatory, especially compared to the sound quality (and extra channels) on modern SACD recordings for a third of the price. Meanwhile, with megaboxes selling for a dollar a CD for first-rate musicmaking, ... more
Discussion: Holst: The Planets - Ozawa
November 17, 2015
I learned The Planets through the Philips release of this performance from 1992. Great stuff. I have to confess I'm not interesting in paying $40 for the SHM version, although I might pay $25 for the AP SACD of the Mehta recording (especially with the fillers). Is there a consensus on the go-to for the Planets in modern sound, though? A lot of ... more