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Discussion: Genesis: And Then There Were Three
April 9, 2007
I do not know where you read DVD-A but it is only DVD-V... So no question SACD should be better sounding then DVD-V... ... more
Genesis - March 26th
January 13, 2007
This is a really good news. I hope it will sell a lot so they do not cancel the remaining SACD of Genesis!!! It is the greatest news in SACD for me to have all the Genesis album in sourround!!! Nick Davis says that the most improved album is Wind And Wuthering!!! Have fun... :-) ... more
Now we know what happened to all those Steely Dan SACD re-issues...
April 27, 2006
I got it from the genesis web site. If you go to the forum section there is a part for Nick Davis. He is the guy who is remastering the Genesis album in SACD. He is giving status of where he his. Very interesting. I also know that the tribute band The Musical Box had a chance to listen to the sourround mix of Lamb Lies Down ... more
Now we know what happened to all those Steely Dan SACD re-issues...
April 25, 2006
The Gensis catalog is almost all remaster. Nick Davis is still working on Invisible Touch and as to do We Can't Dance. After that the whole catalog will be release. I hope we will have a chance to listen to it... I am waiting for that... ... more
Discussion: The Who: Tommy
February 29, 2004
I had the same problem with the disk. I order it by Amazon and returned it twice since it is the only disk that does not work properly. I also have the Yamaha S2300 DVD. I will be interested to hear if there is something to do. ... more