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  Geneva, Switzerland
  Speaker: Klipsch RF-83
Amp stereo:Accuphase
Amp 5.1: YAMAHA RX-V863
Sacd player: SONY SCD XA 3000 ES
CD player: Cambrigde Audio Azur 640v2

Found: 2

Celine Dion: All The Way, A Decade Of Song      (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
  March 3, 2010

Big disapointment because I received a Japanese import... that is only in Stereo. No Multi channel on this SACD.... For the rest.. Great music, great singer, great sound !!!
Bruno Bertone Sound: World Hits        (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
  March 3, 2010

Total disappointment the first few seconds, as I didn't know it was cover song... I stupidly thought it was original song remixed in 5:1. Once that first surprise over, I have to admit it is well recorded, well played, nice sound, even if the back channel mix is really too low compare to all other ... more

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"Difficult to find" SACD trick...
March 3, 2010
Hi, I'm looking for quite some time now on the internet to find some rare SACD like Scorpions: Moment of Glory and Gotan Project: La revancha del tango. Anyone would have some tricks or special website ? Of course like many people I got tricked for a while by DVD4music (only order there if item is in stock, otherwise you'll lose lot of time & ... more