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Ray Sings, Basie Swings - Ray Charles        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  December 31, 2010

This is my first Ray Charles album. I know, I must have lived under a rock. Shame aside, I was really taken aback by just how talented an artist could be! I mean, this is a revelation to me. He sets the standard. Incredible. I'm not usually so lost for words but this is such a great album. To read ... more
  December 21, 2010

This showcases Jacintha's beautiful voice really well. It's really uplifting to listen to, and does not come 2nd to vinyl in this format. Simply superb.
High Altitude Drums 07/08          (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  December 10, 2010

Oh yes! this is an excellent test for your system. Indeed the volume needs to be set quite high to be able to appreciate a larger variation between rather stomach-punching drums, and little dings on the triangle. The sound quality is insanely good, and the band players did an amazing job too. Not ... more
The World's Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings        (0 of 1 found this review helpful)
  December 10, 2010

A great way to sample various vocalists on one CD, and being Chesky it is superb quality. My favourite on this CD is Rebecca Pidgeon's Spanish Harlem. It is eery how real and present this sounds, and she has such an exquisite voice. Followed by Livingston Taylor's version of Stevie Wonder's Isn't ... more
Nice 'N' Easy, Celebrating Sinatra - Cincinnati Pops/Kunzel          (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  November 25, 2010

Really nice sound quality even at very low volume, you can hear all the detail from deep drum thrashes to feather-light brushes. Full of vibrant energy. If only the man himself was performing! but with the quality and detail of this recording, it's not lacking. A happy addition to my growing SACD ... more

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LSO Espana from Decca
January 1, 2011
It would be an amazing SACD! if only they would bring this out. I have this on vinyl and it's one of the most amazing recordings ever, item number SXL 2020. What other lively and interesting orchestral pieces would you recommend? ... more
How Many SA~CDnet Posters would switch to Multichannel if..........
November 18, 2010
I'm just not a fan of surround sound. I am totally immersed in superb quality pure stereo, and more distracted by surround. I'm also not at all swayed by the new 3D hype. In my opinion, now that people have a taste of better sound by means of blu ray over DVD, they're awakening to the fact that there is something better than CD..... and hopefully ... more