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  Marshall Boswell
  Memphis, TN
  Sony DVP-NC80P and a Pioneer DV-610AV running through a Yamaha RX-361, with Energy surround speakers.

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Discussion: Simple Minds: Sparkle in the Rain
March 24, 2015
There might be faulty discs out there, then. I seem to have one. The 5.1 mix on my copy is horrendous. Like others have said, the center vocal channel is mixed too low. And no, this is not a set up issue. I have half a dozen blu-ray 5.1 discs, including all the new Yes ones not to mention Steve Wilson's 5.1 mix of Tears for Fears "Songs from the ... more
[Futue]Sting SA_CD
October 24, 2011
Bran New Day is also available on DTS-CD, and MUCH cheaper than the SACD version. I have all three of the DTS-CDs as well as the "Sacred Love" SACD, and I'd say the latter is the worst sounding of the three. Maybe because the record itself is fairly tepid--pretentious Flamenco and soft-jazz arrangments over synthesized backbeats, for the most part. ... more
Does anyone have any of these SACDs?
September 14, 2011
That Oasis title never came out, as far as I know. I've never seen it anywhere. And I'm a massive Oasis fan. ... more
Discussion: The Pretenders: Pretenders II
March 30, 2011
Well, but the recent redbook reissue sounded fantastic, so that's clearly not the case here. The absence of any high end is just bewildering. Even more disturbing are the hosannas and hype that preceded this release. MoFi has a stellar reputation, of course, and I as much as anyone wanted the SACD version of this record to be something ... more
Discussion: The Pretenders: Pretenders II
March 23, 2011
I agree with the other posters: this is a disappointing, muddled mess. The redbook reissue from three or four years ago, though probably too bright for some, is much cleaner and powerful. And if you listen to the intro count on "Waste No Want Not" you can hear that the first half second or so has been cut off, which isn't true of the most recent ... more