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  Zainudin Badarudin
  Not a serious audiophile but do enjoy good (and listenable) music. Music is the key word hear rather than just sound.

System 1:
Source: Esoteric SA60 / Rega P7 - Apheta Cart
Amplifiers; Passlabs Audio X2.5 / X250 / Audio Image Phono
Speakers: Magnaplanar 1.7
Interconnects: Kimber Select 1020/1121
Speaker cables: Kimber 12 TC/Cardas Neutral Reference/Synergistic Research X10
Power Cables / Conditioner: Shunyata Research Python/Viper and Hydra 4/Venom 3

System 2:
Source: Marantz SA7001 KI
Amplifiers: Pathos Logos
Speakers: Livingvoice Auditorium Avatar
Inteconnect: Cardas Neutral Reference
Speaker Cables: Cardas Neutral Reference/Kimber 12TC
Power cable: Kimber PK 10

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Jimmy Cobb: Cobb's Corner        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  March 16, 2008

Thoroughly agreeing to the two earler reviewer as to the simplicity of the recording set-up has somewhat been a revelation (somewhat belated) to me when listening to the music presented here. I've even been starting to compare to a number of highly rated JSACD from 88, SMEJ etc. and somewhat drawn ... more
Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto: Getz/Gilberto      (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  January 14, 2007

Just to add my to cent's worth to the reviews above, Born in the same year of the recording, I must have listened to the music on inummerable occassions especially the Girl from Ipanema but without really 'digging' into album until I found a copy SACD in the bargain corner recently. And what a ... more
Lady Kim: Left Alone      
  May 2, 2006

As per De Selby's review, another quality album from eighty-eight with it's beautiful mini-LP case and exquisite sleeve ...oozes with quality. A relative unknown, Lady Kim has her own style in presenting these standards, albeit IMHO, with more passion and style suited to her voice. While not without ... more
Jacintha: The Girl from Bossa Nova        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  May 2, 2006

Sorry guys, IMHO, again, another 'play once' (or maybe twice) only disc for me. While the sound is excellent with everything sounds polished and perfect, things doesn't seem to gell.. too sterile and very little passion in the singing and the overall music and fast forwarded the tracks. On the ... more
Warren Bernhardt: So Real        
  May 2, 2006

Have to agree with JW, (wished I've read the review before I purchased it). Must say that I was originally by the sound from DMP (of which I was some RBCDs), the disc is in the 'set and forget' category and I must have it down somewhere below a stack of play once only SACDs.

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