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  Matt Dixon
  I'm a performing musician, audio engineer, and I review arts events and recordings for a local blog.
  Salt Lake City, USA
  Basic, but serviceable. OPPO BDP-93 to Denon AVR-1610 to JBL HLS series for 5.0. Sony SCD-CE595 to Technichs AS-EX140 TO Polk Rti-28 in the other room. Grado SR60 and Sennheiser HD280 for on-head duty.

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Bill Evans Trio: Moonbeams        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  April 3, 2012

This is a terrific record, though it's kind of incredible how out of tune the piano is. This is really the only flaw, as the trio kills it on the performance, the compositions are top-notch, and the sound quality is delicious. The analog transfer is very good, tape hiss is almost never noticeable ... more
Debussy: Nocturnes, La Mer, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun - Järvi          (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  April 2, 2012

Paavo Järviís interpretation of La Mer differs quite radically from the others I've heard. His use of rubato to shape phrases is far more reserved than the others, and he often enters sections where the tempo is incredibly slow, allowing the music to gradually build and decay over relatively long ... more
Debussy: La Mer - Nézet-Séguin        (6 of 9 found this review helpful)
  April 2, 2012

This is simply the best recording of Debussy's "La Mer" available on SACD. The 36-year-old French Canadian conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin has taken the world of orchestral classical music by storm. Nézet-Séguin originally conducted opera and orchestral music exclusively in Montreal, but has ... more
Piazzolla: Orchestral Works - Castagna        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  April 2, 2012

This is among my favorite discs in my collection. First, the performances are all fantastic, with the Tangazo especially oozing the sexiness that the Tango is famous for. Sonics are first rate, and I must correct SimonTJU's review: The back cover clearly states that this is a 24/96 recording. ... more

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Stage perspective, Real Surround, aggressive mix... A list of discs with "music from behind"
June 11, 2012
My favorite is this disc: [t=3060] I should point out that I own the DVD-A version of this recording, but I would be suprised if there were any differences in the mixing. For the opening work, Tallis calls for 4 choirs to be arranged in the shape of a cross. That's one situation where everyone can agree on having musicians coming out of the rear ... more
The long awaited successor to SACD
May 12, 2012
As a composer who often works with electronics, I can tell you that good audio gear makes electronic music sound better. I listen to classical too, but I find it puzzling that you would simply dismiss an entire field of music with one broad stroke. ... more
Discussion: Debussy: La Mer - Nézet-Séguin
May 12, 2012
I liked the recording, and thought it revealed more of the inner details from the score than other recordings I heard. Much of the string work in the 2nd violins and violas that tend to get swallowed in other recordings came through on this one. My system is clearly inferior to yours, though, so perhaps you're hearing things I'm not. I agree that ... more
Discussion: Debussy: La Mer - Nézet-Séguin
May 11, 2012
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I focused on the La Mer for an article I wrote for an arts blog where I listened to every single recording of the piece in made in the last 12 years, and to my ears this one was the best. But you're correct when you say the other pieces are equally fantastic. Regards, Matt ... more
SACD sound quality
April 22, 2012
He addressed the 144 db issue. You missed that? ... more