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  Ryan Dunn
  Auburn, Indiana

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Height Channel: Big Mistake or Bad Idea
July 20, 2004
I agree that the 6th channel is usually wasted on SACD releases and I also think that Telarc is innovative in its use of that channel. I just belive that it wont get used that often by most of the SACD listeners (I know that I can't at this time, and probably wont as even if I had the resources, I'd still have two volume controls). I enjoy my ... more
Height Channel: Big Mistake or Bad Idea
July 18, 2004
Would you agree that most of the people that listen to multichannel SACDs do so in the same setup as their home theater? I doubt very much that many people have a separate SACD player with a separate amp and 5 identical full range speakers for SACD. I would personally love to have a setup like this, but money and space do not permit this. Since ... more
Height Channel: Big Mistake or Bad Idea
July 17, 2004
I noticed that as well. It almost seem like more trouble that it is worth to set that up like they say you should. Since most people use SACD in a home theater setup with a dvd player that also plays SACD, it is ridicules for them to do that. In the .001% of setups dedicated to SACD, most would want that .1 to go to a sub anyways. If SACD players ... more
Discussion: Boulez Conducts Ravel
July 16, 2004
Thanks for the info. I guess if I want the 17 minute version, I'll have to pick up the Mobile Fidelity recording. Ravel: Bolero, Orchestral Works - Skrowaczewski The nice thing about that one is that it is multi-channel and a hybrid, but the bad thing is I can't find it for under $30 anywhere. Ryan PS. How do I ... more
Discussion: Boulez Conducts Ravel
July 15, 2004
I've been looking, but I can't seem to find the track length for Bolero on this disk. Does anyone know if it is a 17 minute version, or if it is a faster version? If you find this information on the web, could you tell me where? I've tried many places, and even the official Sony site doesn't give track length. Thanks, Ryan ... more