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  Eduardo Goya
  Blu-Ray/DVD Player: OPPO BDP-93, Cambridge Audio DVD-99
Pre Amp: Parasound Classic 2100
Receptor A/V: Onkyo TXSR-707
Amp: Outlaw 7125 7-channel
Speakers: PSB Image-T6 (front), PSB Image-T3 (center), Infinity Primus, Bose 301 (surrounds)
Sub: Polk Audio DSW PRO 660

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Yes: Close to the Edge        (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
  August 5, 2013

I have heard several versions of this masterpiece since it emerged on vinyl (I met up to 77), the 94, the SHM-CD recorded in 2013 and this SACD and I prefer the SACD version is far cleaner, with warmer, deeper sound of all the above, I think it is the best and I can tell you I've listened to this ... more

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Discussion: Yes: High Vibration - SACD box
November 26, 2013
Yes overall I think the entire collection is excellent. There are better titles than others. Most are very good, they have their details but the recordings are carefully remastered. For example: Relayer is remarkable, I always found it some intricate and boring, but in the HV version I found new and interesting sounds. ... more
Discussion: Yes: High Vibration - SACD box
November 22, 2013
Well, I heard the remix version of SW CTTE Blu Ray and it is beautiful, but I think I prefer the HV is purer for me. I would like to hear your comments. IMHO the HV version is more powerful and brilliant because it is not only a remix but a remastering. SACD is superior by far to the BRD version definitely, to me of course. SW remix was what you ... more
Discussion: Yes: High Vibration - SACD box
October 23, 2013
My only spiritual guru in music has been JSBach, but I identified Lizard in Shostakovich by beauty, innovation and sharp sarcasm in concept, Bartok and Stravinsky are comparable to nobody, they are in another time and in another space. In fact I have the entire KC collection from ITCOTCK to Discipline, but I am specially interested in ITCOTCK, ... more
Discussion: Yes: High Vibration - SACD box
October 22, 2013
It depends largely on supply and demand, there are shops selling the HV box set at 700 USD, which is crazy. When it did not sell, shops seek lower prices or sold separately. The SHM SACD was originally sold to $59 per piece, now sold at $43, and out of print titles at any price. Moreover, HV is an expensive collection because it is made up of 16 ... more
Discussion: Yes: High Vibration - SACD box
October 21, 2013
My comment was still in process, but I do think that this first issue is small, almost for select collectors. I do not think that many boxes have been sold in such a short time, unless plus boxes come on the way, check Amazon UK now and another Amazon shops in Canada, France, Italy, Spain each one have 4 or 5 pieces. A new print will depend on how ... more