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Discussion: Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky: Violin Concertos - Steinbacher, Dutoit
July 10, 2015
These Concertos have definitely been recorded over and over again. But it is definitely interesting to know: Tchaikovsky's original composition was much slower then as it is played nowadays. The intention of Arabella Steinbacher & Charles Dutoit with this release was, to bring to bring back the original tempo of Tchaikovsky's scores. (A lot of ... more
Pentatone: Remastered Classics - add your own wishes
July 10, 2015
Thanks for the interest in our REMASTERED CLASSICS series. You suppose correctly, we currently can't provide high res downloads due to legal aspects. We hope to able also offering this series for download soon. ... more
high quality download
April 8, 2014
We did a comparison in the difference in size. The dsd.iso file is about 20% bigger then the DSD stereo would be. But, therefore it's less then half the size of the mch version alone. So in figures: Stereo size in DFF: 2.8GB mch size in DFF: 7GB DSD.iso: 3,5GB Some more arguments why we choose the dsd.iso file as a release format: People bought ... more
high quality download
April 3, 2014
Thanks for your input. Prices are of course definitely a very sensitive case. As a label it is very hard to cope with price dumping from f.i. on amazon etc. If I may speak very honestly: the price policy of amazon is definitely dangerous for a small classical label like we are - especially in a market where the price competition is very high but ... more
Pentatone Survey
August 16, 2013
Everyone, Thanks for all that feedback! Your input will definitively help for further developments. Of course it is impossible to ask ALLthe questions we have in mind, but this survey is a good chance for us to get a first overview. Probably we'll manage to integrate a field for general comments within the survey. Simon, PentaTone ... more