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Discussion: U.K. - U.K.
August 27, 2015
EJ did state on his forum that the SACD's were as far as he was aware taken from 16 bit masters. He didn't know for sure. Also, as he is promoting new hi-res masters he is proposing to produce he was probably downplaying the integrity of the SACD's. However, it should be pointed out that the SACD's include bonus tracks, which as far as I am aware ... more
Discussion: Yes: High Vibration - SACD box
September 26, 2013
Working my way through these. I found on first listen that CTTE was a tad harsh in certain places. The organ section did distort to my ears. On Fragile the same, especially on South Side of the Sky around the piano section. Strangely, the tracks on what was the 2nd side of Fragile are perfect. Excellent sound all round. Long Distance Runaround/The ... more
Discussion: Yes: High Vibration - SACD box
September 24, 2013
Just received box set yesterday. Firstly, The Revealing Science of God is as per the original album, no introduction as per the Rhinos. Packaging is not papersleeve, but standard jewel cases with single fold card inserts. All lyrics, cover artwork reproduced in box booklet. Not had chance to listen in detail yet. Playing Soundchaser now. Promising! ... more
Discussion: Yes: High Vibration - SACD box
September 17, 2013
I too am waiting for the Wilson mix, but have bitten the bullet anyway and my SACD box set has just been shipped from Japan. ... more
Yes; High Vibration
August 20, 2013
Kikuchi did the SHM Yes catalogue. I thought they, in general, sounded pretty good. They were based on the Rhino remasters, which I assume he tweeked a little. It will be very interesting to hear these new SACD masters and compare them to the existing Yes SACD titles. Does anyone know why there are two releases dates, one for Japan and one for ... more