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Discussion: Schnittke: Symphony No. 3 - Jurowski
February 18, 2015
I got this disc today. It definitely has amazing sound and will test your system's ability to resolve complex layers of sound. The music has a number of "WTF" moments, but it has its own charms, I suppose. Not a fan of the cover, though. Since Schnittke is the composer, how about a picture of him instead of the conductor? Or maybe an abstract ... more
You have been warned...
February 16, 2015
I think the SACD format does not limit or compromise the original recording the way RBCD can, especially if the SACD transfer is via DSD. I own several of the same recordings on both SACD and RBCD, and every one sounds superior on SACD: Warmer, more detailed, greater depth, more ambience, you name it. The differences are far from subtle, too. As ... more
Your favorite Mahler cycle
February 15, 2015
None of my favorites are SACDs! Overall, I prefer Sinopoli's on DG. Karajan's live Mahler 9th is my favorite performance of that piece. Most of Gergiev's either seem rushed, disinterested, or both! ... more
Pentatone announces DGG re-releases
February 12, 2015
Do they absolutely have to have been recorded in quad? I would think that most recordings had a pair of mics in the rear of the hall to pick up room ambience and were most likely assigned to separate tracks. Couldn't they be used for the rear channels? ... more
Discussion: Walton: Symphony No. 2 & Cello Concerto - Watkins, Gardner
February 10, 2015
If this is as dull as his Walton 1st, then no thank you! ... more